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Auralea Krieger

Auralea Krieger graduated from The Maryland Institute College of Art. She is a graphic designer, jewelry designer as well as a mixed media artist. Through her art she is able to express how amazing it is to be a woman and share all the struggles as well as the privileges that women have.

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Tel: 443.616.7224

Artist Statement

Fashion is a colossal part of what inspires her but the deeper part of each piece is the story of the girl on the canvas, which is a part of us all. The words on the girls skin are their stories. While looking at the art, some words smear and are hard to read. You can make your own judgment of her story but you won’t be able to truly know just by looking at her, the same being true in life. The full story is included with the piece when purchased.

Auralea has also written and created the art for her book, Ophelia Under the Day Moon, which has just been featured in a six page spread in Somerset Studio Magazine. Because of this nationwide publicity Ophelia's popularity has grown in leaps and bounds. The continuation book, The Summers End will be released this year!

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