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Offbead Jewelry, Bev Stiver

Offbead Jewelry is an eclectic mix of offbeat, elegant, funky, conservative, hip, fun, one-of-a-kind, and tastefully tacky creations… based in wire wrap, and designed for the young-at-heart.

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Tel: 443-794-1823

Offbead Jewelry
Bev Stiver
Lystra Farm
Stevenson, MD 21153-2020

Artist Statement

Making jewelry is such fun! The first half of my career was performing arts, the second half has been healthcare, and I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to delve into my creativity and make some pieces of jewelry that people have fun with and enjoy wearing. Based in a bed of wire wrap and beads, who knows what might grow in this fertile soil? Using sterling silver, copper and aluminum wires and a variety of other materials, my creations range from my more conservative “Hopkins line” to some colorful and funky pieces using lightweight aluminum in bright colors.

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