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Bob Pentz, Pentz Pottery

Bob Pentz is a local artist that creates functional stoneware pottery. His pieces represent a blend of Native American and Japanese styles. Currently, his new work includes a collection of peculiar people that secretly become covered jars.

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Artist Statement

Bob Pentz is a graduate of the University of Kentucky's fine arts program. While studying in Kentucky he developed an affinity towards the styles of traditional Japanese and Native American pottery. Bob combines the processes of handbuilding and throwing on the potter s wheel to capture the essence of these two different cultures. He uses images from Native American pictographs and retells their stories on clay. Currently Bob is creating covered jars that evolve into the physical shapes of curious caricatures. Bob hand mixes all of his glazes and his wood ash glaze is created with ashes from his home s fireplace. His kiln is a high-fire updraft kiln that fires each piece to stoneware. All pieces are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. Bob was born in Baltimore and currently resides in Lutherville MD.

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