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Chris Powell

Chris Powell creates pet portraits and water scenes that touch your emotions, memories and intellect. Oil, pastel or charcoal is the media for these fine paintings and drawings. Many of the water scenes are inspired by the late afternoon light brilliantly dancing on the reservoir.

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Tel: 410-343-0046

Chris Powell
3 Piney Creek Ct
Monkton, MD 21111

Artist Statement

Pet Portraits

Pets, either canine, feline or equine, are as individual as humans. Capturing each pet's identity and characteristics is challenging and fascinating. Actually seeing the pet and hearing stories about the pet, influences my composition and colors for the portrait. Many photographs are taken, sketches are created and approved by the owner/client, and then the original oil or pastel painting or charcoal drawing is completed. It is a thrill to portray a particular pet on canvas and present to the owner an enduring remembrance of a close relationship.

Water Scenes

Water refreshes, renews and energizes our spirits. It is always an attraction, whether rushing through a ravine, crashing against rocks and shoreline or peacefully resembling a mirror. I am painting water in many aspects. At the moment my paintings explore the peaceful scenes which invite you to experience a quiet atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy the light, color and passion of Nature: a sacred moment in time.

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