Artist Statement

I truly approach each work I begin like an eagerly anticipated journey—much like a vacation you plan for and look forward to long before it actually begins. You select the destination (subject) and get out the maps (reference photos). You think about the things you’d like to see/try on this journey (old and new techniques). You embark on the journey with excitement (your brush poised above the canvas). Along the way, you may take an unplanned detour or side trip (as you try out and discard ideas). Eventually, the end of your journey draws near (and the painting’s completion is in sight). Like photos from a long-ago vacation, your finished artwork will always bring back the memories of that path you took to your destination (the completion of your work)”.

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Deborah Butts was born in Akron, Ohio, and during her childhood, she spent several years in Northern France and Quebec, Canada. After graduation from Ohio State University with a B.A. in Communications, Deborah lived near Los Angeles, California where she worked in the medical and entertainment fields for more than a dozen years. She has always dabbled in creative and performing arts. Currently, she lives with her husband on a 130-acre farm in Frederick County, Maryland. When not involved in caring for the thoroughbreds they raise to race, Deborah enjoys translating her love of nature and animals into works of art.

“Although I have had a keen interest in art since I first painted briefly in high school, I have had little time to pursue that interest. In 2007, I began seeking instruction, and have seen steady development as an artist since becoming a pupil of Sara Abel-DeLuca in 2009.

In 2009, I entered a small exhibit for those who had never exhibited or sold their work. In 2010, I continued entering and exhibiting my work at various locations in MD and VA and also began sharing a booth at art festivals with a fellow art class member, Gloria Condon. In 2011, I began accepting commissioned work requests. With a long list of personally planned projects to paint and requests for commissioned work, I look forward to many years of enjoyable time at the easel.

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