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Deborah Schran, Be Fused Hot Glass

Fused glass uses the heat of the kiln to fuse (or join) pieces of glass together at high temperatures. Pieces can be slumped (falling into/over) a mold to obtain a specific shape. Different glass types, forms of glass and varying kiln schedules provide a myriad of effects for jewelry, functional and art glass.

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Tel: 410-991-1445

Deborah Schran
Be Fused Hot Glass
2415 Powderhorn Way
Gambrills, MD 21054

Artist Statement

As a fused glass artist, my interests are split between functional work, glass art and jewelry. I use the heat of the kiln to form my glass, varying temperatures, types of glass and firing times to produce different effects. Depending upon the task, work can be fired one time and up to six times. For functional glass, I often enjoy working with the wide range of transparent glass types, using molds to slump & shape the glass. I like to capture the phenomena of unique light and colors, yielding textures and distinct shapes on another surface that surrounds the total piece. For art pieces, using bold colors, reactive glass types and pressed glass frit (small chunks) allows me to produce layers, retaining transparent imagery or using glass types that will create a reaction on the other piece of glass. Designing fused glass jewelry allows me to work in miniature, creating landscapes, seascapes and abstract designs with a geometrical focus or a soft imagery. Pieces can also evoke a sense of tranquility or a reflection of strong movement. In my work, The use various glass types, glass powders, stringers, dichroic glass, glass paints and fusing decals to create depth, layers and suggestive imagery.

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Deborah Schran is a Fused Glass Artist residing in Maryland. She trained as a painter/printmaker many years ago at Frostburg College, working for a few years as an art teacher. Her passion for fused glass was generated by taking a fused glass jewelry class several years ago. Deborah has participated in art/craft juried shows in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., New Jersey and Delaware. Deborah’s glass can be found in shops and galleries in Alexandria, Baltimore, Bethany Beach, Berlin, Severna Park, Easton, Westminster and Cambridge. Her work has been selected four times for marketing purposes (magazines and postcard show information) to advertise for shows in Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. Deborah has taken many studio classes, to expand her knowledge base. These techniques have included reactive glass, vessels, advanced jewelry making, landscape imagery and tile making. Deborah is a member of the National Capital Art Glass Guild and Pen Women.

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