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Jim Eckman

These are not paintings. Jim Eckman works with various hardwoods that are scroll-sawed, sanded and stained. They are assembled similar to a jigsaw puzzle and finished. I like including fabrics and little props to help capture the scene and moods of these wonderful dogs. I call it 2.5D. Please touch them

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Tel: 443-956-5879

James V. Eckman
5172 Snyder Mill Rd
Spring Grove PA 17362

Artist Statement

I am a bit reluctant to call myself an artist. I have always been a hobby woodworker, hobby photographer and raised great slobbering hound dogs. A wonderful Baltimore County public school art teacher, gave me a fine scroll saw when her shop teacher husband passed away. To learn to use it, I made her a picture of her old dog from a photo I had taken. Everyone seemed to like it. It is a joy to make these and I can't stop. I try to capture the "doggyness". The shear joy and wild abandon of these hounds gone wild, or just sleeping it off. By the nature of the media, every piece is really quite different. Sometimes looking at the grain of different pieces of wood, suggest what dog and photo needs to be saw up into little pieces. Digital cameras allow me to look at 50 pictures and finally see a scene that I know needs to be made. This is all great fun for me and I love to make them goofy and amusing. Hug your puppies.

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Way back in 1955, Jim Eckman was born on the 80 acre family farm in what used to be very rural Baltimore County. We had Christmas Trees and honey bees, orchards and Ford Tractors, a great old barn, Methodist dinners on the ground, Boy Scout camp, sisters and cousins by the dozen and a pack of small Beagles, all on one little slice of Heaven. The family doctor treated the young feller for fleas, ticks, worms and all the other popular canine problems. My parents had to admit that I was being raised by a pack of wild hounds. Apparently, this was a reasonable explanation back then. I cried through "Where the Red Fern Grows" and pretty soon I got a Redbone Coonhound to "follow" me home. Fiftyseven years later not much has changed.

I have raced motorcycles to local championships, built and flown airplanes, raised Amazon parrots and won the National Bird Show twice, fixed thosands of things with wrenchs and have owned a small service business for the last 22 years. I have had the joy of sharing my life with many wonderful hounds and they mean the world to me. Beautiful, wonderful, patient wife Nancy and I share our humble home near the Maryland Line with five rescued, above average mutts. Three grandchildren and counting. When I grow up, I want to be a starving artist, but I'm not going to grow a gray ponytail.

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