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Joan Gilmore, Witchywood Sculptures

Joan creates free-form sculptures from local found wood embellished with stones, shells or other enhancements that bring out the beauty, balance and theme of the piece. Each is fashioned to bring the whimsy and serenity of the woods into your home and is sealed with varnish for lasting beauty.

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Tel: 443-491-3441

Joan Gilmore
1210 Monkton Road, P.O. 283
Monkton, MD 21111

Artist Statement

Joan has only been marketing her wood sculptures for a couple of years, but she actually started creating them 20 years ago after a trip to New Zealand. She brought home a suitcase full of Tasmin sea sand, stones, shells and driftwood and made “New Zealand,” a piece she’ll never sell. Sensitized, she started seeing the woods around her home in Monkton with new eyes. She discovered the amazing beauty nature creates in the process of entropy and atrophy. The thrill of blasting a found piece of wood or root with a hose and watching its form emerge as the dirt washes away is secondary only to following its “voice” for symmetry and flow. She thinks we make life chaotic. Nature makes it serene and balanced. In Joan’s case, she finds that in wood.

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