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Charms City Company
Rachel Brand & Katie Windmueller

Katie and Rachel re-purpose found objects into one-of-a-kind accessories, using salved finds like old keys, game tiles, typewriters, etc. We mix scrap chain and carved wood for more modern, rustic pieces. We create our nostalgic pieces using ephemeral charms, lockets and natural items like feathers and shells. We capture retro-style prints in our handmade vintage pendants.

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Tel: 443-851-5313

Charms City Company
615 South Glover Street
Baltimore, MD 21224

Artist Statement

Overall, our collection encompasses a bit of natural science, urban grit, romance and funk, although the main theme of our work is vintage nostalgia. Our goal is to offer fun, versatile pieces that either of us could afford without breaking the bank. We have a short attention span when it comes to our style, constantly experimenting with new material, which keeps our line fresh.

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Katie and Rachel have been arts and crafts buddies for years, although we started Charms City Company (named after Baltimore's nickname "Charm City") in September of 2010 out of our Baltimore row homes. Our love for thrifting, nature and fashion inspires our line, which is constantly evolving.

We’ve participated in numerous craft shows in the Baltimore, Philly, DC area in the last year, including Baltimore’s famous Artscape. We’re a proud member of the Baltimore Etsy Street Team and are now selling our items in about 20 shops within Canada and the US.

Katie and Rachel are a green duo that reclaims recycled items as company property, using egg crates and jam jars for storage. Our product display mostly comes from our basement "junk" and includes an array of found branches and thrift shop kitchenware. We’re very passionate about what we do and thankful to be given the chance to sell our art professionally.

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