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SallyAnn Mickel, Spotted Springs Studio

SallyAnn Mickel has developed her artwork in the rural areas of Maryland. Working in pastels, oils and pastel/paper collage she produces animal portraits, landscapes and florals in a representational, impressionistic, and sometimes abstract, style. Her artwork expresses her emotional response to the natural world and her love of animals.

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Tel: 410-666-2870

SallyAnn Mickel
Spotted Springs Studio
4042 Stansbury Mill Rd.
Monkton, MD 21111

Artist Statement

I received my basic art training from Catonsville Community College and Towson State College and various art courses and workshops offered in the Maryland area. My inspiration comes from a deep love of animals and nature and the joy I experience while creating my artwork. My animal portraits and landscapes are done in a representational style using a limited palette of oil paint or pastels, and a simplified vision. Currently, I am exploring collage and abstraction in order to render my subjects in a new, creative way.

With a concern for the environment and wildlife as underlying themes in my artwork, I constantly try to express my emotional response to the natural world and, hopefully, make an emotional connection with my viewers. I've learned to focus my emotional energy and show a strong connection to nature and the animals with which we share our lives. I hope you agree because my artwork is as Walt Whitman wrote, “Here the frailest leaves of me and yet my strongest lasting…”

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