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Vincent Hughes

Vincent Hughes creates his landscape paintings in remote locations, using either transparent watercolor washes on paper, or by applying thick, impasto oils with a palette knife. Working from live models, his figurative pieces are painted in watercolor on paper, or transparent oil glazes on canvas.

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Tel: 301-585-3351

Artist Statement

My landscape paintings of Cape Cod, Maine, the Delaware shore, Maryland, Florida and Italy are the result of an attempt to capture the unique light and texture of each location at a particular moment in time. Painting en plein air is not just a visual experience. All my senses take in the scene: fragrant vegetation, a warm breeze, the chatter of birds, buzzing insects, a distant foghorn, the rising tide lapping at my feet. I’d like to think that these sensations find their way into each painting and are subtly communicated to the viewer.

After receiving my BFA at Virginia Commonwealth University, I put painting aside to focus on computer graphics. However, I was inspired to take it up again while living in Rome in the early 90’s. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to study landscape painting under Lois Griffel, Robert Longley, and Bill Papaleo, all of the Cape Cod school of art, and Martin Paddack of the Corcoran.

I’ve recently rediscovered figure painting, meeting with a group of friends for weekly sessions, drawing and painting from live models. Along with the informal watercolor figure studies, I’ve begun exploring the techniques of the old masters, building up layers of transparent oil glazes on canvas.

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